VMM Library

The VMM library is the implementation of the SystemVerilog Verification Methodology Manual written by Synopsys and ARM. Our VMM implementation has the following advantages compared to other existing implementations:

vendor & tool independent

Since the VMM methodology is derived from the Synopsys's Vera RVM methodology, the VMM is not currently supported by other EDA vendors. This makes the adoption of VMM somehow more difficult because comapanies prefer to have their IPs tool independent. The TrustIC's VMM implementation is fully complying with the IEEE 1800-2005 SystemVerilog standard so that the users can use it with any simulation tool and have the same results when running with different tools.

compatibility with other VMM implementations

The VMM specification is an open standard. This standard is referenced by any other company which implemented or will implement a new VMM version. Because of this fact TrustIC's VMM implementation will permit your organization to also remain VMM vendor independent. When you will develop VIP models using our VMM you will be able to also use your developed code with some other vendor's VMM.

easy debug by direct access to the sourcecode.

We are providing our clients direct access to the VMM source. This will help your organization an shorter debug time and will help us provide better maintenance. This is quite a similar philosophy used by the opensource software: users with direct access to the code will provide better feedback in case of issues and will contribute at the stability of the product.

For more information or questions about this product, feel free to contact TrustIC.