About Us

TrustIC is an IC design & verification services company, specialised in Automotive Functional Safety verification, based in Bucharest, Romania. The company is delivering both onsite and offsite (outsource to Romania) services to its clients.


We provide all the services required for a successful verification of an mixed-signal integrated circuit. Our engineers are experts in AMS behavioral modeling, mixed-signal design and verification.

The TrustIC team is a group of very experienced and talented digital design engineers that have a long and very valuable record of achievements in helping organizations achieve competitive advantages by focusing on time-to-market, effectiveness and design quality.


Our team has built its experience while working for several wireless network platforms. Working on these platforms exposed us to cutting edge design & verification technologies and tools. Our engineers are experts in SoC interconnect, power management and image processing.

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Business Philosophy

The ideas presented in our philosophy are appreciated by our clients who are considering this a good starting point for establishing a relation with a trustworthy partner like TrustIC.


We believe that maintaining a high level of quality for our products and for the services we provide is a key factor in developing a good business relation with our customer. Therefore we give a great deal of attention and resources to the conceptual phases of a project, assuring that all the aspects of a project are well defined and documented.


Our engineers have experience in working with very tight deadlines, always meeting project schedule.

Reduced-cost solutions

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the lowest cost ASIC solution.